Tips To Install Green Living Roof

For a private home, you can construct a green roof that has a long slope structure. The green roof homeowners that green roofs not only give a beautiful look but also makes your house cool in summer and decreases the rainwater runoff. The green roofing does not contain normal grass or sedums but the plants are grown on engineered soils which are rich in nutrients and minerals but drains fast.

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Green roofs are relatively very rare to see. For green roofs, it is good to start with a structural engineer whether your roof can hold the additional weight. The weight of the green roof ranges around 40 pounds once it rained. When hiring a roofing contractor for green roofs, you must ensure to install insulation, waterproof membrane and all the other elements that are required for green roofing. It is a must to ensure that the roofing never slides down from the roof.

The cost of the green roof depends on the place you live and the calculation of the amount is calculated depending on the installation per square feet. Based on the plants you grow, the length of the project extends up to few days to a week. You can start this project in the planting season. Before starting the project, you must get approval from your municipality and also make changes to the existing green roofing system. The type of membrane installation varies from one municipality to other.

Apart from the structural causes, you must check whether your roof has the right slope to becoming a living roof. It is not suitable for the green roof if your home has flat or 30 degrees sloped roof. It is your duty to verify whether there is required sun exposure for the low maintenance plants.

After your roofing contractor installed the green roofing system and water tested the membrane now you can plant your roof. You can plant using two ways.

You can try the modular system to plant the living roof trays. Like planting in the ground, you can add soil and plant to your roof. The benefit of modular roof tray is already preplanned and you don’t want to worry whether the planting takes place in the roof. In modular roof tray, it has improved water retention easy access to waterproofing. The drawback is you can’t implement any creativity in your roofing system.

You must ensure to add a draining layer with the dimpled drainage on top of your membrane and beneath your topsoil. After you have installed green roofing, either modular or garden water can immediately settle in the soil. You don’t want to maintain your roof garden much regularly unless there is severe drought. Some types of plants require water for few times in a year and others not at all need water.