If you are a popcorn buff then you are on the right track because popcorn is an indispensable part of long treks, camps, chat sessions, motion pictures and generally importantly. It is a healthy snack; however you have some control over how unhealthy you can make it. With all of this being said, what you need is a stovetop popcorn poppers.

Now there is no way you can talk about a stovetop popcorn popper without mentioning the "Back to basics stovetop popcorn popper." It has a lot of reasons to be built up about. To begin with, the back to basic popper is made of stainless steel and it is not just about looking great or longevity. On the rear side there is a steel and aluminium plate, which distributes the heat evenly. The top is somewhat domed that allows for your heavenly bowl of popcorn to be feathery and crisp. The wooden handle guarantees that you are able to handle it safely while it sits pretty on the stove. A simple outline for a satisfying dish of popcorn and all of this is easily available on Wal-Mart's website.

The out-dated popper is another stovetop popcorn popper, which suits everyone's contemporary popcorn needs. It is similar in outline to the one discussed already and it has a distinct cover that can be split for the popcorn to be spilled out easily. It makes about six quarts of corn with only four and half grams of fat in each quart. It does get less than that however four and a half grams don't hurt too much!

Another great looking and functional stovetop popcorn poppers is the "Theatre Popcorn Popper." We are going to mention one more time that it looks exceptionally elegant. The popper is metal while whatever is left of the container has a black finish and a fine wooden handle. Four steam vents allows for steam dispersion, and along these lines it gives you a dish brimming with great smelling, and even better tasting corn. This ravishing piece also has a remarkable stirrer, which helps all the kernels to be heated up evenly thereby ensuring that no kernel is wasted.