Different Types Of Steam Cleaners

People often find difficult in taking a decision between wet mop vs steam mop. Steam Mops are the best when compared to wet mops and we will discuss further on the article on why we say so. You can find a whole lot of steam cleaners in the market, and you got to do some research to figure out on which is the best of the lot.

The next important aspect you will need to think about are the cleaning supplies used. You can browse through a whole lot of cleaning supplies in http://mrclean.com/ for better results.

The purpose of steam cleaners is to create steam to clean the floor. The steam created is used to remove the dust and grease to kill the bacteria sticking onto the floor.

For the purpose of cleaning, there are steam mops, handheld cleaners and steam cleaners available and you should be able to decide on which one would be useful for you. There are dual-purpose steam cleaners, which can be used to clean the floor as well clean the other surfaces like tiles and glass.

Steam cleaners are widely used when compared to steam mops. Steam mops came into rise recently and provide you a problem-free cleaning. They stand vertically and contain an overhead tank which is attached to the handle.

The job done is going to be the same irrespective of whether it is a traditional method of using bucket and mug or the steam mop. The effort we put in cleaning reduces drastically with effective results. If you start with trying a less effective steam mop then there are more possibilities of reverting back to the traditional method.

Handheld Steam Cleaner These steam cleaners are the best space savers. If you are going to clean small areas of your house or specific places like the kitchen slabs then this would be a safe bet for you. On the other way round if you have a larger area to be cleaned then you can have it as an alternative for some touch ups on and off.

Dual Purpose Mops These steam cleaners are placed in the mop’s handle and can be detached and used whenever necessary. Almost all of the cleaning jobs can be done with this one-piece steam cleaner but they are much heavier than the usual mops. They have add-ons, which come along with the mop to work on various surfaces.

Cylinder Steam Cleaners These steam cleaners are also called as the barrel steam cleaners. They have a main body, bendable hose, plastic pipes and a nozzle. The extra attachments, which come along with the cylinder steam cleaners, will come in handy for several cleaning tasks. The cylinder cleaner will be able to do almost all the jobs a handheld steam cleaner and a dual purpose cleaner could do.

They are heavier than usual but give more steam for a longer time. The time it takes to get heated up is approximately 10 minutes, which is a long wait when compared to the other steam mops. Also, check how many cylinders come along with the steam cleaner. Moreover, check whether the cleaning microfiber cloths are also included with the mop as they need frequent replacements.