Fine Scotch In Breathtaking Decanters

The fineness of scotch is enhanced when it is poured from the best whiskey decanter. There will be no change in taste while decanting whiskey but on the contrary, red wine improves its taste while aerated in the decanter. As far as whiskey decanter is concerned it is purely aesthetic and can be gifted to whiskey connoisseur. There are many types of whiskey decanters and sets that are available in the market. lists some breathtaking decanters.

Crystalline Bohemia Quadro is a complement of traditional and modern design. The shape of the decanter is a twisted square base extending to a fine stem holding a glass stopper. It comes with six matching glasses and is excellent value for money.

Crystal decanter with wooden tray The stylish decanter comes with lead-free etched glasses matching the decanter patter. It is designed in star pattern. The wooden tray has pockets to hold the glasses and the decanter. It excels in its presentation.

Rogaska crystal is a long decanter that is made of lead-free crystal. It is finished with hand polish giving maximum clarity. It is shaped like a typical decanter and is sophisticatedly designed. The base is heavy holding 25oz capacity and is the most practical decanter to hold fine wine and whiskey.

Ravenscroft crystal decanter is uniquely shaped with a slight tilt. The base is not firmly set and is stereotypically designed to make a style statement. It is creatively designed to meet the functional and practical needs of a bar. It is sure to catch the attention of whiskey lovers.

Brilliant Villandry as the name goes is brilliantly cut to perfection. The etched pattern is a treat to the eyes. Despite the design, the clarity of the crystal is not compromised. The vibrancy of the decanter is a masterpiece.

Global views are a rounded glass decanter with a glass stopper resembling the shape of the decanter. You can see your drink clearly in the decanter and hence the name to complement its design. The offbeat shape is brilliant and creates a new dimension to meeting your drinking needs. It can take your whiskey experience to a whole new level.

Waterford Lismore decanter. It is a popular name in the decanter industry and comes with a time-honored design. This stunning piece complements the beverage inside the decanter. It is a must have in your collection and is an extraordinary traditional elegance. There are hardly few matches for this decanter.

Waterford Lismore decanter gives a feel of a diamond. It is an emphasis of vision and strength and is truly of superior quality. It is uniquely shaped and is strikingly designed. The patterns are trademarked.

Tipperary Irish decanter A rounded delight it is designed to meet your expectations. The timeless design is an honor to the Irish heritage. The decanter is handcrafted by Tipperary artists. It comes in a gift box with two matching tumblers.

Baccarat Crystal decanter It is a bold design and is a fusion of both traditional and contemporary style. It has a geometric touch to it. It is crafted by Baccarat and will suit any home bar. It uplifts the decorative aspect of your home bar.